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Press Play | Valentino And Boiler Room Drop New Video Series

As 2020 nears an end, Maison Valentino and music platform Boiler Room have joined hands for an exclusive new two-part live conceptual performance video series featuring South Korean singer and DJ-producer CIFIKA, and Boston rapper BIA

Part one saw CIFIKA's mesmerising performance of Kill Me With Your Love on 22 December in open-air isolated Seoul as the city slept. Teaser below:

BIA's shining music and fashion crossover shows what live shows in the pandemic age can look like; transforming the live-stream into an intimate interaction between the performer and viewer.

Strutting out in Valentino’s hot Diary Collection, BIA performed her hit song Skate from the debut album For Certain.

"Don't take too many people's advice," she says. "Really dig deep, know yourself, be yourself and stay true to you."

Exclusive content is viewable within the immersive digital experience of the Secret Room on #Valentino Insights and DJ sets will be available to stream via boilerroom.tv/cifika and boilerroom.tv/bia.

All images and videos courtesy of Maison Valentino

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