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This Cruelty-free Brand Is Our New Beauty Fix

With no compromise on quality, Dubai-based Beauty Binge aims to empower men and women with a sustainable approach to self-care

Driven by a conscious approach, self-care brand Beauty Binge offers a range of essentials that are cruelty-free, organic and vegan. Designed for men, women and kids, the brand comprises clean products free from toxic, unsustainable and carcinogenic ingredients.

A testament to Beauty Binge's perpetual commitment to the environment and the broader community, each brand under its belt is focused on a larger purpose and partial sales from the products are contributed to healthcare and environmental projects. Featured brands include Conscious Coconut, Keeko Oil and Violets Are Blue, to name a few, and products range from make-up to body care.

"As our name suggests, Beauty Binge’s goal is to spark a conversation on why beauty is not gender-specific and how binging can be done using cleaner alternatives in this age of instantaneous consumption,” says Minal Siyal, Founder and CEO of Beauty Binge.

With a growing interest in cleaner lifestyles, the brand is empowering mindful consumption and placing a greener future in our own hands.

"By seamlessly making these products easily available to everyone, we aim to eliminate the misconception that sustainability only a ‘trend’ of the present when in fact, it’s imperative to our future."

Shop now at cleanbeautybinge.com

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