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The Art Initiative You Should Contribute To

Launched by art consultancy Art Painting Lab, the initiative will see the creation of a collaborative masterpiece showcasing the UAE's endless resilience

Artwork by Donny David

Named #UnitedArtEmirates, Dubai-based Art Painting Lab has launched a collaborative initiative with the aim of uniting and nourishing the UAE's art community. Artists, amateurs, children and adults alike are invited to create and share a piece of visual art which will be contributed towards the creation of a public mural.

The mural is intended to mark this important moment in history, depicting the solidarity of UAE's residents during a time of unpredictable change and uncertainty.

Artwork by Dina Butti

“Historically art renaissances occur during tremendous events and often incredible art comes out of them," says Sam Saliba, founder of Art Painting Lab.

"We hope you will send us your artworks, there is no judgement, good or bad work. Paint like no one is watching."

Artwork by Angela Hamill

Shedding a light on the power of art, the initiative reinforces its ability to bind societies, shape history and unite individuals from all walks of life.

Contribute your artwork by posting on Instagram and tagging #UnitedArtEmirates, or send it to hello@artpaintinglab.com.

Images courtesy of Art Painting Lab and respective artists

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