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Six Boots You Need In Your Wardrobe

Defined by the quest for eternal beauty and renowned for intricate craftsmanship, Santoni's FW 20-21 Women's collection comprises refined silhouettes and vibrant shades of yellow, peach and fuchsia in elegant variations.

From loafers and lace-ups to hand-polished calfskin Chelsea and mountain boots, the collection features an impressive selection of styles and variations. Here are all our boot picks for the season.

Combat Boot

Characterised by a signature black leather, this gem is the perfect addition to any outfit for just the right amount of drama. Elegant and casual-chic, the boots can be worn with jeans or a dress - it's a win-win!

Tartan Ankle Boot

When going for the playful-yet-assertive look, the Tartan Ankle Boots are ideal. Comprising a muted dark grey with a notable, colourful pattern, the shoes complement single-coloured outfits the most.

Pearl Ankle Boot

Complete with an admirable snow-white finishing, the Pearl Ankle Boot is classy yet casual, modest yet bold. Pair these with skinny denim jeans and a leather jacket and voilà! (no pun intended).