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Netherlands' First New Media Art Museum To Launch Next Month

A catalyst for new works at the intersection of art and technology, "what's next?" is the central question the brand new space poses to the world

Natasha Greenhalgh, co-founder and creative director. Photo by Lisette Appeldorn

Founded by Merel van Helsdingen, Nxt Museum, the very first museum dedicated to new media art in Amsterdam is set to launch 29 August this year. Marrying art and technology and inspired by the future, the museum, as titled, questions "what's next?".

Comprising a three-fold programme, the space will include exhibitions, performances and learning and research.

An exterior view of the museum. Photo by Lisette Appeldorn

Entitled Shifting Proximities, the museum's inaugural show will feature large-scale multisensory installations by renowned artists and academics alike by the likes of Thijs  Biersteker with Stefano Mancuso, Heleen Blanken with Naivi and Stijn van  Beek, Roelof Knol, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Lucy McRae with Niels  Wouters and United Visual Artists (UVA).

Merel van Helsdingen, founder and managing director. Photo by Lisette Appeldorn

​The featured works in Shifting Proximities explore human experience and interaction with the perpetual introduction of new technologies.

Curated by ​Bogomir Doringer and ​Jesse Damiani​, the group show will feature newly-commissioned, site-specific installations along with previous works which have been reimagined for the museum's exhibition space.

The Coded Gaze by Joy Buolamwini, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League. Photo by Joy Buolamwini

“​Living in London, a hub for innovation and home to some of the world's most forward-looking art institutions, inspired me to create a new space to champion the incredible art being produced today with groundbreaking tools," says van Helsdinge.

"The Netherlands has a long tradition of leading developments in the art world and Nxt Museum has been created in this spirit. Our multisensory exhibitions are designed to shift not only our visitors' experience of art, but to inspire new understandings of the world around them and their place within it.”

Dimensional Sampling by Cao Yuxi (James) and Lau Hiu Kong (Lawrence). Photos courtesy of Cao Yuxi

The work of established and budding artists, designers, technologists and scientists will be showcased at Nxt.

The museum will also be home to a residency programme entitled Nxt Lab, where artists, designers, technologists and scientists will join hands and exchange skills to create masterpieces which fuse art, technology and humanity.

Habitat, 2020, by Heleen Blanken with software developer Naivi and sound artist Stijn van Beek

"We believe the future is collaborative," says Natasha Greenhalgh​, co-founder and creative director of the museum.

​"These large-scale installations are the result of convergence among leading international artists, designers, technologists and scientists. And when we welcome our first visitors in less than three months' time, we'll ask them to share in the act of creation by interacting directly with these visions of the future." 

Nxt Museum’s first  exhibition, ​Shifting Proximities ​will be open to visitors from 29 August 2020

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