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Nasab Launches Programme To Support Small Businesses

The deadline to apply is 15 July

Nasab, a members-only workspace and social club for entrepreneurs and artists, located in Wadi, KOA Canvas in Dubai, has just unveiled The Nasab Recovery Programme in support of homegrown businesses affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our primary concern is first and foremost to do what is most safe and what is right, for our members, staff and the city’s wider business community," says Founder and CEO of KOA, Mohammed bin Zaal. "We were the first members club to close down, having done so voluntarily before the full stay-at-home status. We were more cautious than others and we feel it was the right thing to do—to put people over profits."

The inaugural programme is set to offer complimentary offices and workspaces to up to 30 businesses for a generous six months, along with the tools to recover from the inevitable impact of the global outbreak.

"We have spent the last few weeks completely immersed with liaising with our members on a 1:1 basis as we believe that businesses who take care of their customers will survive this most difficult of times," explains bin Zaal. "We know that what is in our control is how we extend practical compassion, warmth and support to the wider entrepreneurial community."