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Meet The Founder Of JHR Interiors

Founder of the award-winning multidisciplinary studio JHR Interiors, Badrieh Johari, gives Voilà the low-down on her career, establishing JHR and her approach to a timeless, bespoke aesthetic

What is your background in architecture and interior design?

I established JHR Interiors in February 2011. I’d previously studied interior design at the American University in Dubai, UAE. When I graduated, I worked for an interior design company in Dubai working on some really prestigious and high-end residential projects in the UAE.

After my time there, I moved to the UK and spent five years working for an architectural practice in the Cotswolds. Having had all of these experiences, I’ve been able to create innovative and stylish designs tailored to every client's individual need and have a transformative effect on the client’s life through this holistic approach to design.

Who or what inspires you?

I love travelling. I always wander around different cities and countries and love to experience and immerse myself in different cultures and that really helps give me fresh ideas and inspirations.

Fashion and nature photography are beneficial to help with colour scheme inspiration. I love antiques and really appreciate the stories behind them, as do many of my clients, so antiques offer a wonderful set of inspiration for my designs.

What makes JHR Interiors different?

At JHR, not only do we have over 15 years of experience working on projects for our Middle Eastern clients, but also given my background and understanding of the culture, lifestyle and their values, we are able to take our clientele’s Middle Eastern, detailed and classical taste, and translate it into a more refined and linear European style for their properties in the UK and Europe.

What is your approach to design?

I approach design with five key themes. Firstly and most importantly, it must be timeless. A home lasts forever so it must be timeless. Secondly, I love to look at layers; it’s like putting on clothes. If an element is missing then another layer helps to marry everything together in the scheme. If a design is over the top, you take the layers off.

I love to use colours and patterns, in a Marylebone pied-à-terre project we used a light colour palette and a bold emerald headboard in the master suite.

Proportion is important, you have to measure the scale, colour balance and the hierarchy of furniture to be able to measure the right balance and proportion of space. Elegant interior should have the perfect balance without having one overly dominant piece. And finally, I always consider the architectural elements across all our design projects as they tell the story of the building and the history of our culture and project the meaning of the story behind.

Who are your clients?

Most of our clients are Middle Eastern royalties and investors. Our bespoke and holistic service is tailored to this clientele and I’m able to marry my knowledge intricately with their wants and needs to create stunning luxury properties.

How would you describe your design style?

For me, interior design should be timeless, especially in private residences. They are a place you can call home and truly find comfort in. Over time, you can change the colours and the textures of the furnishing and create a new look, yet it will still fit perfectly within the space. I also think it’s incredibly important to consider personal tastes and characters in the design process to make the space unique and bespoke.

Images courtesy of JHR Interiors

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