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How To Be The Best Version Of You

Counselling psychologist Dr Vassiliki Simoglou of Thrive Wellbeing Centre shares tips on staying motivated, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, prioritisation and increasing self-love.

How can one thrive in their personal and work life simultaneously?

Striking that work-life balance can be different from one person to another; even with a specific person, it is rarely represented by a fixed percentage of time devoted to work versus time devoted to personal life. Rather it is a constant reassessment of what is important for the individual, what requires their attention, and prioritising accordingly, finding a balance between duties and pleasure.

What is one way we can channel our inner strengths when feeling down?

Meditation and deep breathing can be very powerful tools in channelling our inner strength. Combined with a gratitude journal or a daily gratitude exercise, they can allow a person to shift their emotional reaction and become more aware of what it is that works well in their lives.

How can one maintain a positive mindset amidst unpleasant external circumstances?

By focusing on one’s accomplishments, on what we are proud of in our lives, by embracing the challenges and finding meaning in navigating through them, we can stay positive even when things are negative around us. Staying positive also invites us to recalibrate our values based on our desires - what matters the most for us, what drives us in life, and not on our so-perceived needs. Through a crisis, differentiating between a person’s needs and their desires can become a liberating experience.

Psychologist Dr Vassiliki Simoglou. Courtesy of Thrive Wellbeing Centre by Dr. Sarah Rasmi