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How Photographer Marta Lamovsek Is Empowering Humanity

Her dream of empowering and inspiring others has taken the form of mesmerising photographs with an unstoppable mission

A self-portrait of Marta Lamovsek

Forever in awe of diverse cultures and interactions, Slovenian-born photographer Marta Lamovsek was driven to explore what makes us tick - what drives humanity. After graduating from high school, her application to the University of Social Studies was not approved because of her dyslexia. "After that, while studying half-heartedly something random, I discovered photography as a tool for me to communicate stories about humans to the world," says Marta. The rest is history.

Throughout her twenties and early thirties, Marta has photographed for several world-renowned magazines, where she first realised the power of vulnerability and an image's ability to portray strangers in a completely new light. "We are one humanity," she emphasises - but what does this mean? "In my overall twenty years of connecting and portraying thousands of people from diverse cultures and diverse cultural backgrounds, you don’t just say 'we are all one' as it sounds nice, but because you ​deeply understand it," she answers. "You have been connecting and looking deeply into [the] windows of souls of thousands of people throughout your life from virtually every corner of the world."

AYUBU & A GECKO by Marta Lamovsek

As a child, Marta was not surrounded by art and her first interaction with the field was through a television show entitled Twin Peaks by director David Lynch in the 90s. "It has been quite a long time since I have discovered the dormant artist in myself, yet once I realised I could use imagery as a way to explore my biggest interest, human condition and to express with the medium of photography my inner worlds, it got me hooked," she recalls. "I felt the urge to speak about what is hidden in the inside of being human and my final project at Central Saint Martins’s postgraduate degree show was based on explorations of my own subconscious mind."

Inspired by human connection, her signature Iconbooth installation highlights that while we may all come from different walks of life, we are essentially all one. "Many people that come to me to be photographed kind of understand where I am coming from; they themselves appreciate art and culture, and they very often become my friends or at least people I enjoy talking to, look up to and sometimes I still pinch myself: 'wow, they loved my work so much to commission me'," she laughs. "I’ve been very lucky that people who come to me, are all incredible humans with whom we share a lot of very similar values."

A Tribute Ashiq Collage in Brick Lane by Marta Lamovsek

A recent work of note, aptly named AYUBU & A GECKO features a staff member with the same name, of a nearby local restaurant Marta visited recently. "As I spoke to him a couple times, he sparked my inspiration," says the photographer. Ayubu hails from Uganda, from a large family of 35 siblings. He is a father to a daughter and cares for six orphaned children in his hometown. "He has in him something that truly captivated me," explains Marta.

"And as it happened that by sole serendipity we met, I believe that act of forming a connection with someone like that, from whom you can learn so much, is one of the most magical things in life - it created so much joy on both sides."

PRINCE AYUBU by Marta Lamovsek

The artist humbly admits she is still learning each day and working on her own vision for the future. ​"I am still exploring how I can communicate the oneness of humanity and advocate for equality of race, gender, nationality, social status and sexuality with an image," she says.

"How can I promote diverse cultures, freedom of expression, DIY culture, sustainability and love for Mother Nature. How can I inspire people to dream, to challenge people’s perspectives, to tap into their spiritual natures [and] how I can touch people’s hearts."

All images courtesy of the artist

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