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Elie Saab To Launch Inaugural Furniture Collection

The eponymous brand has joined hands with Corporate Brand Maison for the debut of its very first furniture and accessories collection - and it's just as beautiful as you'd expect

Above: Unique and timeless, the Monolith bed expresses itself as the central piece of the bedroom, with its soft, elegant lines combined with the richness of its construction. The design of the room is completed with the Monolith Pouf, Essence Nightstands and Light Pillar table lamps from the collection

Noting inspiration from the cities where Elie Saab's craftsmen are based, namely Beirut and Paris, the brand's refined silhouettes and detailing have taken the form of a furniture and lifestyle collection. The eponymous fashion label was first launched as a Haute Couture line, expanding into ready-to-wear and accessories.

“Broadening the scope of our product offering has been our strategy for the past few years," says designer Elie Saab. "We are working towards an architectural and lifestyle expression that translates my style of living through the development of Real Estate projects and the creation of Furniture and Home collection to complement this vision.

Above: The armrests of the Legacy sofa are characterized by a unique detail made of black nickel or brass in brushed or bronzed finishing

The first collection reflects the heritage of ELIE SAAB’s signature. It has a distinctive style combining contemporary and timeless. We will be developing down the line exclusive and limited edition pieces to cater to art connoisseurs and collectors.”

Above: Inspired by the harmonious forms of the dunes of the Arabian desert, the Dunes table is among the most iconic creations of the ELIE SAAB Maison collection. The design of the room is completed with the Joelle Chair & Armchair, Palace low tables and Narcisse chandelier from the collection

Entirely manufactured in Italy, the first collection entitled ELIE SAAB MAISON is distributed by Corporate Brand Maison under the guidance of Massimiliano Ferrari.

"In this time of uncertainty, it is with great enthusiasm that we begin this new journey alongside ELIE SAAB, intensified by the strong desire to continue dreaming and making people dream, it will take us to the heart of the Milan Fashion District where the first ELIE SAAB MAISON collection will be revealed," says Massimiliano Ferrari, CEO of Corporate Brand Maison.

Above: Taking its name from one of the oldest cities in the world, Byblos, located near Beirut, the birthplace of Elie Saab, the Byblos sofa is defined by the abundance of volumes and harmonious proportions. The design of the room is completed with the Monogram low table and Zenith console

"A collection that perfectly blends together all essential elements of the project: the uniqueness of the ELIE SAAB Brand signature, the research in design, and the artisan excellence of Made in Italy. ELIE SAAB MAISON is an extremely innovative interior design project, immediately thought of in '360 degrees': the unique furniture pieces are only the starting point of something much bigger, something that goes from hospitality to hotels and residences.

An example is the Grand Blue Tower Interiors by ELIE SAAB in Emaar Beachfront, Dubai: here, apartments and common areas are in fact furnished with the objects of the collection."

Above: With the impressive beauty of its refined manufacturing, the Monolith sofa adds a touch of Art Déco to every living environment. The design of the room is completed with the Kate armchair, Palace low tables and Narcisse chandelier

Depicting the innate femininity and elegance the brand is renowned for, the gorgeous collection comprises delicate creams, pastel shades of grey contrasted with the shiny finish of metals, bronzes, marbles and noble stones. Categorised into day and night, the pieces are designed for the living, dining and bedroom.

Recalling the traditional scents of the Middle East and Art Deco influences from Saab's Paris home to '60s and '70s architecture and design, the timeless collection draws inspiration from the places and things the designer has admired over the years.

The ELIE SAAB MAISON collection will be available at the Milan showroom from the second half of 2020, and at the network of exclusive boutiques located in the key cities of the ELIE SAAB world. Click here for more.

All images courtesy of Elie Saab

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